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                        ABOUT US

                        brand introduction

                        The company is a modern high-tech enterprise, which integrates independent research and development, design, professional production and sales installation.Company on the basis of professional r &d and production of the original floor tile, based on the nature of people-oriented, with the orientation of energy saving, environmental protection, health, using the doppler effect of product innovation, and developed a revolutionary new product: "health floor heating system.

                        The enterprise culture
                        • Become a leader
                          in global warming

                        • Let the warm touch
                          to make the world warm

                        • People-oriented, trustworthy, pioneering,
                          innovative, united and cooperative in
                          pursuit of excellence and win-win results

                          core value
                        technological innovation
                        • environmental protection

                          Fast heating and ready-to-use;Mobile phone control, on/off at any time;No maintenance, long service life

                        • energy conservation

                          It can be dismantled, refurbished, interchangeable and recycled at any time.

                        • health

                          No radiation, no pollution and no harmful substances are produced in the heating process.In line with the "warm feet and cool head" concept of Chinese medicine health preservation.