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                        SERVICES & SUPPORT

                        High quality, high revenue efficiency innovation

                        Hewarm people regard quality as life, and have been practicing quality management for decades. They have strict requirements on quality, unremitting pursuit of technology and continuous innovation of management mode.In 2010, we introduced the model of excellent performance management, which was strictly controlled from the aspects of company leadership, strategy, customer and market, resources, process management, quality analysis and improvement, and operation results to improve product quality.

                        Adhere to scientific and technological innovation, not scale and quality

                        Adhere to technological innovation, with the spirit of the craftsman patiently grinding out consumers love high quality products.Heqing science and technology adheres to high standards. It not only makes product innovation well, but also converts scientific and technological innovation into tangible economic benefits, providing consumers with healthier, environment-friendly, beautiful and high value-added products.Adhere to the science and technology enterprise, warm technology companies have enterprise technology centers recognized by the state, provinces, tertiary academician workstation, post-doctoral scientific research workstation, inorganic materials of China light industry key laboratory of four major scientific research technology platform, and has been identified as "high-tech enterprises in guangdong province", "national torch plan key high-tech enterprise". Nowadays, when it comes to heating technology company, people think it is not only a ceramic enterprise, but also an innovative technology and green manufacturing enterprise.

                        Quality depends on the precise details

                        Quality lies in the control of every detail.Hewen science and technology co., ltd. adheres to the quality policy of "taking customer satisfaction as the center, establishing first-class enterprises and creating first-class products", and realizes standardized management, including product standards, work standards and management standards.Hewen technology co., LTD integrates the spirit of craftsman into the bone marrow, and is committed to creating ceramic tile products with environmental protection, safety, health and novel design for you, providing you with authentic and reliable quality guarantee.